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Beyond Orientalism and Occidentalism


March 4th/6th 2006 - Cairo, Egypt


Reset Dialogues
on Civilizations

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Gli scritti che seguono sono tratti dal sito ResetDoC - Dialogues on Civilizations

Giancarlo Bosetti
Reset editor-in-chief

The Intercultural Transmission of Science in the Middle Ages
Charles Burnett
Professor at Warburg Institute, London - UK

The Oblivion of Islam in the West and Averroes
Massimo Campanini
University of Naples L’Orientale - Italy

Against Culture Clashes and Terror Wars: Forms of Intercultural Dialogue
Fred Dallmayr
Professor at University of Notre Dame, Indiana USA

The Dialogue among Civilizations.
Languages and Religions from Alexandria to Bagdad

Ahmed Etman,
Professor at Cairo University - Egypt

A Matter of Context. On the Conditions Favorable for the Transmission of Knowledge in the Medieval Mediterranean
Dimitri Gutas
Professor at Yale University, USA

From Orientalism To Occidentalism. And Beyond
Hassan Hanafi
Professor of Philosophy, Cairo University- Egypt

Beyond The Clash of Intolerances
Ramin Jahanbegloo
Professor at Tehran University

Between Relativism and Islamophobia – searching for the right tone in the debate about immigration, integration and religious fundamentalism
Jörg Lau
Journalist, "die Zeit", Germany

Facing the truth
Guido Rampoldi
Journalist, "la Repubblica", Italy

Opening and Closing of Civilizational Boundaries: From Translation to Incomprehension. From Conflict to Peace
Bassami Tibi
Professor at Large at Cornell University

The Challenge of Democracy beyond Cultural Borders
Nadia Urbinati
Professor at Columbia University, USA


Beyond Orientalism and Occidentalism
March 4th/6th 2006 - Cairo, Egypt